Special Screening Of NBC’s “Parenthood” Benefitting Five Acres

A few days ago Monica Potter, Sam Jaeger, Erika Christensen, Dax Shepard, Mae Whitman, Max Burkholder, Savannah Paige Rae , Miles Heizer, Xolo Mariduena & Tyree Brown all attended the Special Screening Of NBC’s “Parenthood” Benefitting Five Acres event held in San Marino, California on September 26. I’ve added some pictures in the gallery.

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Events From 2013: September 26 – Special Screening Of NBC’s “Parenthood” Benefitting Five Acres

Parenthood ‘Nipple Confusion’ Stills

New episode stills for episode 5×03 added!

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Season Five: Episode Stills: 5×03 – Nipple Confusion

Parenthood ‘It Has To Be Now’ Screencaps

Added HD screencaptures of last night’s episode of Parenthood. What did you think of the episode?

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Season Five > Episode Screencaptures: It Has To Be Now

Parenthood ‘All Aboard Who’s Coming Aboard’ Promo

Parenthood Is Returning Tonight

Just a reminder that the new episodes of Parenthood are starting tonight at 10 on nbc. Just in case you missed the fact that it was moved to Thursday:) Enjoy the episode tonight and I will have HD caps ready for you by tomorrow.

Parenthood Boss on Sarah’s Growth, Crosby’s New Baby and a Separation for Joel and Julia?

What a difference a year makes. Last September, Parenthood faced a shortened 15-episode season after three years of high critical praise but lukewarm ratings. But thanks in no small part to Kristina’s heartbreaking battle with breast cancer, the tearjerker family drama transformed from bubble show to buzz show. Now the NBC series returns for a full 22-episode season on a brand new night, Thursdays at 10/9c.

“Moving us to Thursdays was a vote of confidence from [the network],” showrunner Jason Katims tells “Rather than putting us out to pasture, they’re really investing in the show.” But while things are smooth-sailing behind the scenes, there are rough waters ahead, naturally, for the entire Braverman clan. So what’s next for Kristina (Monica Potter) after beating cancer? Will Amber (Mae Whitman) and Ryan (Matt Lauria) make it to the altar? And who might be headed for a separation? Get the scoop on Season 5 below:

Now that we’ve now seen that spoilery promo for Season 5 (which reveals Amber and Ryan’s engagement), what is coming up for them?
Jason Katims: These are two people who love each other. They have this great chemistry together, but are also very young, and he also has a lot of stuff in his past that’s challenging. So I think no matter what is teased in the promo, the story is going to be one that is full of twists and turns.

How will their challenges differ from last season?

Katims: There are arguments to be made whether or not these two people should be getting married right now. I think it’s interesting from a storytelling perspective [because] it’s not a simple cut-and-dry story. Certainly things like Ryan’s past will probably come up. People don’t change overnight.

How will Sarah (Lauren Graham) take the news?
Katims: I think she’ll take the news like a mother whose daughter is getting married very young. … Since Amber moved into her own apartment, we’ve just found it doesn’t always naturally lead to scenes or stories between Amber and Sarah and that’s such a strong relationship and I missed that. One of the things that I’m looking forward to this season is the fact that Amber is going to get engaged, which naturally puts Amber and Sarah together and there’s going to be such great mother-daughter scenes between the two of them.

This is a big year for Sarah now that she’s moved out and her kids are grown up. What is coming up for her?
Katims: Sarah is somebody who, in the beginning of the series, was moving into her parents’ house because she really had no other options left and wound up living there for four years with her kids. Now both of her kids are out of the house and basically doing well. So I think this is a big opportunity for Sarah to see this as a year of personal growth and being able to figure out what she’s going to do with her life. I think she’s determined to really focus on herself this year and so I’m excited about that and watching how that evolves. Obviously, it’s not going to be without its complications.

How will Hank (Ray Romano) come back this season?
Katims: We do want to continue to watch that relationship between Hank and Sarah evolve, but we didn’t want to start out with that because of the way last season ended. … What we find out is that Hank has returned from Minnesota because it didn’t work out there. One of the things that I really liked was the idea of seeing Max and Hank in scenes together. I thought that the connection between the two of them, even from the very first episode Ray did last year, was really interesting to me and we wanted to explore that. So Hank returns through Max’s emerging interest in photography, but it also gives us opportunities to do scenes not only between Max and Hank, but eventually, with Hank and Kristina and Hank and Adam.

Last season was such a huge one for Kristina and Adam (Peter Krause). What will their obstacles be this season?
Katims: They really are hyper-aware of mortality and the time that they have and they really want to make use of that time. So for Kristina, it’s a little bit of a wake-up call. She wants to make sure that she doesn’t let her dreams pass her by and she makes some pretty big moves early in the season and gets involved with politics, which is something that she’s been doing, but has largely not pursued because of having young kids. It’s about her wanting to jump into that and the question being whether it’s too much for her take on.

At the end of last season, Crosby (Dax Shepard) and Jasmine (Joy Bryant) found out they were expecting. How does the baby affect their relationship? How will Cosby be changed by having to raise a baby for the first time?
Katims: It’s the first time he’s going through that experience of raising a child from being an infant and that’s an eye opener for him. … In a way, Crosby’s always been able to kind of have it both ways. He has a great wife and family, but also seems to always live his life with a certain kind of freedom. This is a year where Crosby is starting to feel a little bit more of what it feels like to be Adam: The weight of responsibility, the increased financial pressure.

There will be a few new characters coming into Julia (Erika Christensen) and Joel’s life. How will these new characters impact their marriage? Should fans be worried about Joel (Sam Jaeger) and Julia?
Katims: One of the things that we haven’t really done on the show is explore a marriage really getting to a point of trouble and danger. That’s really what we wanted to do this year. It’s not really because she meets a guy or he meets a woman. It’s not a story about an affair, per se. It’s really more of a story about how sometimes relationships can just kind of go awry a little. They’re having a huge role reversal. Julia has really been so defined throughout the show by her career, and I think when you take that career out of the equation, it’s left some holes for her emotionally. So what we wanted to explore this year is Joel and Julia getting into the inner workings of their marriage and watching and living with them through a very difficult time.

Why was it important to look at a marriage in trouble and challenge these two characters that have been together for so long?
Katims: I think there has always been tension in their marriage. Their love for each other always makes everything work in the end. I think there were seeds planted over the last couple of seasons when they were trying to adopt and then last year having adopted Victor. … Not just problems between Joel and Julia, but also problems for Julia with leaving her job and seeing her come unglued a little bit. … The story about potentially separating and what that’s like is something that I think is new and different from what we’ve seen on the show and something that feels like you start to see happen with people that you know. Sometimes you don’t expect to ever see it from certain people and then it happens.


Video: ‘Parenthood’ gears up for its Thursday move

Los Angeles Times interviews with Erika Christensen/Sam Jaeger, Lauren Graham/Mae Whitman & Peter Krause/Monica Potter.

Please click on the pictures to get to the videos.

New Parenthood Season Five Promotional Picture

There’s one in color and one in B&W.


Season Five > Promotional Pictures

New Parenthood Sneak Peek

New sneak peek of the season premiere. If you can’t see it try here.

Craig T. Nelson Talks Facing ‘Third Act’ on ‘Parenthood’

One of the reasons I love “Parenthood” is the acclaimed series’ consistent way of bringing us storylines that feel as real as what’s going on down the street or inside our own homes. The show returns for its fifth season next Thursday, Sept. 26, including a storyline for Braverman family patriarch and matriarch Zeek and Camille (Craig T. Nelson and Bonnie Bedelia) that certainly keeps up that practice.

According to Nelson, “They’re being faced with a decision financially, and I think, with the kids being out of the house, emotionally, where they’re downsizing or making some changes so, as Camille puts it, they can begin to enjoy the ‘third act’ of their lives.

“That’s just something that, I know for Zeek, he’s not willing to face. He doesn’t want to leave the place where he raised those kids, the place he came back to after Vietnam. It’s just opened up a lot of wounds, a lot of scars. And they’re on completely two different pages when it comes to this. She wants to go out and experience life, and he feels he has, and he didn’t like what he saw.”

Nelson can relate to the psychic stress of considering pulling up stakes. In a morning’s conversation from his Malibu home, the 6’4” actor, whose long and varied resume ranges from “Poltergeist” to “The Incredibles” to his beloved “Coach” sitcom, admitted, “It’s one of those issues that I, too, have been going over. Doria, my wife, and I, have been talking about it for the last four or five years. I know how emotional it can get and how attached you can be to some place or some thing.

“Zeek’s circumstances are different; he’s more emotionally tied, I think, to his place than I am, yet at the same time I certainly can identify with it. When you start to examine the past, and you start to think of all the memories you have about a certain place, and you put them together, that becomes the garden of your life and you’re very reluctant to leave it, or to change it. I think Zeek is one of those people who feels planted in his home.”

Nelson is well aware that “downsizing” is a word being uttered seemingly everywhere these days. In the post-recession economy, “I don’t think people can afford to live the way they’ve been accustomed to living anymore. The circumstances are out of your control to a certain degree — your taxes, the way that your income is being depleted, if you have any. In Zeek’s case, he’s on retirement and probably some form of disability from the Vietnam War.”

Obviously, Craig and his wife aren’t in those kinds of straits. Their potential move has to do with “a lot of different factors” including changes they’ve seen in Malibu since 1988, when they bought their house here. (They also have one in Hawaii.) “It was a very rustic, removed, very rural area that was blessed with a kind of quiet and solitude that I really embraced,” he said. “Now it’s this kind of highway that, you know, is continually busy and it’s one of the most dangerous stretches of road in the United States. It has gotten to the point where it’s like they’re trying to turn Malibu into a high-end Rodeo Drive. It’s just insane.”

However, they’re unlikely to move in the immediate future. “We’ll see what happens with the show,” he said.

And as for the future of “Parenthood” – according to Nelson, (and according to showrunner, head writer, and executive producer Jason Katims) it’s open-ended.

Parenthood – Season 5Back three years ago, it was all too easy to imagine Zeek and Camille fading into the background – being marginalized to a certain extent – while their offspring’s dynamic storylines played out in the forefront. But it’s turned out that the most senior members of the Braverman clan have remained front and center with their own rich stories. Have Nelson and Bedelia had to lobby for that?

“There’s 15 characters that have to be serviced – that’s 15 different stories — so you’re always advocating for it,” he replied. “You have ideas, you go in, you present them. They may take them, they may not. So you’re not in control there, but to a certain degree within a scene, within a character, you certainly can explore. You’re given the freedom to do that.” It’s not, according to him, a matter of the cast competing for visibility. “No, I haven’t seen that – not 99 per cent of the time.”

As for himself, Craig T. likes having a schedule that gives him a few days on, a few off. “Given the circumstances, I’m perfectly willing to do whatever they want me to do. It really doesn’t matter to me. I could be in half a scene as long as I’m in it and participating in some way that furthers the storyline or character. It’s one of the best jobs I’ve ever had.”


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